The One E-mail Principle You Need

“How can I help my team send better e-mails?” I get this question a lot.

It’s occasionally put like this: “Kids today can’t even send a decent e-mail!”

Death by bullet point applies to writing too!

Bullet points are just as bad in business writing as they are in PowerPoint.

There’s a growing tide of evidence, anecdotal and scientific, that bullet points are bad for presentations.

Business Writing Tips: the Disembodied Pronoun

This little-known tip can help you make more concise and powerful sentences.

In five minutes, make your sentences shorter, stronger, and clearer.

Get rid of the disembodied pronoun!

Misplaced modifiers–putting descriptions in the right spot

“Misplaced modifier” is one of those fancy phrases that most people have heard of but aren’t really sure what it means. A modifier–or descriptive phrase–is misplaced when it’s sitting next to a noun it doesn’t describe.

Unicorn phrases: these just don’t exist!

This entry tackles what you might call personal grammar peeves—mistakes that just drive you crazy, even though they are minor. Two that make my skin crawl are:
*comprised of
*hone in on

Stop using “as” when you mean “because”

We think in terms of cause and effect. Our brains like sequences: first this occurred, then this occurred, and then finally this happened.

Ambiguity is harder for our brains to sort through and figure out.

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