The One E-mail Principle You Need

“How can I help my team send better e-mails?” I get this question a lot. It’s occasionally put like this: “Kids today can’t even send a decent e-mail!” E-mails are a hot-button issue because everyone receives them, and everyone writes them. Your whole team, including your most junior hires, have to answer complicated questions and […]

“Which” versus “That”: which one should you use?

This one confuses people, but grammar nerds know that it’s simple: You use “that” for restrictive clauses and “which” for non-restrictive clauses. Huh? What does that mean? That = restrictive clauses A restrictive clause is a necessary clause. It narrows down (or restricts) a larger group or category so that it’s clear exactly what you’re referring […]

Misplaced modifiers–putting descriptions in the right spot

“Misplaced modifier” is one of those fancy phrases that most people have heard of but aren’t really sure what it means. A modifier–or descriptive phrase–is misplaced when it’s sitting next to a noun it doesn’t describe. Misplaced modifiers can be rampant in financial writing, most commonly when investment analysts are describing stocks. In my client’s […]