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How many executives does it take to write a quarterly report?

Though this might sound like a joke, it’s not funny to anyone who’s been involved in a convoluted corporate writing process.

At a portfolio management company, a Director of Research gets paid, on average, $172, 227 per year or $82.52 an hour. A Director of Marketing gets paid $127,130 per year or $60.92 an hour. What’s it costing you to have top-level directors overthink communications projects?

Why pay executives to debate where to put a comma or whether a sentence is in passive voice? Such arguments don’t grow the company and can unnecessarily strain relationships. Instead, let us worry about these issues, and your team can move on to what matters.

Clear Sharp Writing specializes in high-level corporate writing. You pay for our services only when you need us, and we make sure every draft that crosses your desk is concise, correct, and clear.

We are cheaper, faster, and work better.

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